Thursday, August 7, 2008

Modeling career of turtles in Redang Island

I was kind of upset by an online fren of mine. He jus came back from Redang Trip for snorkeling. Before his trip i hav actually lecture him abit of the conservation and awareness. Now he came back showing me a photo of this.

I was told that the beach boy or snorkel guides actually catch turtles to show the snorkelers. I really feel helpless and sad for the turtle at my first glance at this photo. Not long ago, another fren of mine, a scuba diving instructor also came to tell me about this scenario happening in Redang. It seem likes this is a norm for the snorkel guides to capture turtle to impress tourists. =(

Toking about harassment, label me as a drama queen or wat-so-ever i dun care..catching turtles or touching them without their permission or againts their will is consider harassment. Just like sex harassment. Put urself into this turtle's shoe, she's being harassted ! jus like u got ur butt touch n sqeeze by some strangersSS in the LRT ! Well, IF this baby turtle know Aikido, these bunch of snorkelers is gonna get their ass kick already

Was there any regulation to protect the turtles from being harass ? were the beach boys being educate about the conservation ? if you say, "oh well, wat can u do ... they hav to secure their few hundred ringgit job by impressing the customers mah.. " then u're totally wrong... this unwise act eventually will cost them their job and their future as well as DEMOLISHING Redang Tourism in the NEAR future. Yes, i'm serious !

Remember this place in Malaysia call Rantau Abang ?? Remember this ancient marine reptile and the largest turtle in the world name Giant Leatherback turtles ?? Unless we wants to see Redang turn out to become Rantau Abang today ..else.. keep ur hand , feet , sunblock lotion , oily food waste, plastic bags away from this vulnerable ancient creatures !!!

Well, funny part is that excuse given to me for letting his frens commit this crime is " Can't blame them la, they jus wan to take a picture with the turtle... " ironic ....... Wat say u ?

I'm sad , not bcos of my fren's frens wrong doing nor blaming it on them. i'm yelling not bcos i'm mad at the beach boys... i'm actually hating myself for not being able to make a change even i've put in efforts to warn my fren. ..

I really feel so .... helpless whenever i recall this.. sigh...

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Anonymous said...

I know this is old, but may I point out that, at least the turtle is not being killed. If showing off local fauna is more valuable to poor locals than killing them (there is such a thing as turtle soup), then we should encourage this behavior. It is a form of conservation, after a fashion, to lure tourists and tourist money to poor, underdeveloped lands.