Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sharks ! Happy New Year !

新的一年,新的开始!鲨鱼们, 准备好了吗? 今年 My Wedding Saves Sharks 被 Shark Saver Malaysia 领养了。虽然 Shark Saver Malaysia 还要一段时间被马来西亚政府承认,但是我们已经得到国际 Shark Saver 的认同了。就在 2011 年的尾声,圣诞季节,我们以Shark Saver Malaysia 的名义,在 1 Utama 举办了一个盛大的儿童节目。

New year, new beginning ! Sharkertians, are you ready?

In this prosperous new year, My Wedding Saves Sharks is adopted by Shark Saver Malaysia. Although Shark Saver Malaysia is pending approval from Malaysian government as a local non-profit organization which will normally take years, but we have been acknowledged and consented by the International Shark Saver.

During Christmas season, before wrapping up year 2011, on behalf of Shark Saver Malaysia, we hold a grand children's event in one of Malaysia largest shopping mall 1 Utama.

反应非常好,60位家人和孩子非常喜爱木偶表演和空中游泳的鲨鱼和 Nemo. 节目完毕后,家人们都觉得这是个非一般,很有趣以及有意义的儿童节目并且很期待参加下次同样的节目。


Parents and children alike were highly entertained by the puppet show and air swimmers featuring Nemo and Bruce of the famed animated movie 'Finding Nemo'. The parents felt that the event was unique, interesting, beneficial and fun for their kids and they were keen to participate in similar future events.

The 60 participants were actively engaged and excited by the program as many knew the Nemo characters well. They paid full attention to the puppet show and answered all the quiz questions easily. Everyone went away enlightened about the importance of marine conservation and sharks.

Event organized by : Voila Sdn. Bhd.

除此以外,My Wedding Saves Sharks 将会在这新的一年展开筹备已久的婚宴拯救鲨鱼的竞赛。请守着我们的 facebook, 非常期待!!

Beside our past successful events, in this new year, My Wedding Saves Sharks in collaboration with Shark Saver Malaysia will finally launch our Wedding Photo Contest that have been prepared for the longest time. Stay tune in our facebook group, anxiously looking forward to it !!