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Yes, we are now Shark Savers Malaysia. 


Posted on June 23, 2013
Written by: Shark Savers
Shark Savers Malaysia was invited to participate in the World Ocean Day events from 1-9 June 2013 by Paradigm Mall in Kuala Lumpur. Here is a report from Jenny Chin and Kirk Lee.


In preparing for World Ocean Day, we knew it would occur during the school holidays. We quickly came up with a string of activities for the kids.  We decided that our message would no longer focus on ‘no shark fin’ and instead help kids to learn to love sharks rather than fear them. By cultivating an interest and curiosity for sharks, we hope they will see sharks as they see pandas and tigers: beautiful, special and worthy of our protection. Our slogan, therefore, was Love Sharks, It All Begins With You.

Olivia Sow
In less than 7 days we created and printed a kids’ brochure which included a word puzzle, printed balloons, handmade shark stencils for our glitter tattoos (big thanks to Alicia Tan for the beautiful work and Olivia for the brilliant idea!) and opened 5 new shark figurine clay craft sessions (big thanks to Olivia Sow for sponsoring the clay and teaching!).

The Event

1st June came. Since we were given a very short notice on the event, we did not have much time to gather enough volunteers. We began our event with our fingers crossed and confirmed 5 volunteers to help with the 9-day event.

Our activities included:

Jenny Chin and Sharkie the puppet
Puppet shows (9 shows in total), Presentations (2 sessions), Shark figurine clay craft (5 sessions) and Shark Savers coloring contest (2 sessions)..  At our booth, we had Puzzle games, balloons and glitter tattoo counter. Running from 10am – 9pm at our booth, we had the Puzzle game (nobody gets a balloon or tattoo without doing the puzzle first). There are 8 questions to the puzzle each describing a fun fact about a certain shark species. Each person who came to our booth went away with a free balloon and glitter tattoo or body art and learnt something new about 8 shark species. An educator at the booth was necessary at all times to help the children and adults with the answers.
Face painting
Needless to say, the glitter tattoos and balloons were a big hit! And since everyone needed to do the puzzle first our booth had a constant queue! Thankfully , volunteers began showing up one after another totaling 23 people; you guys are amazing!! And so with the help of these Shark Angels, we had a great and successful 9-day event teaching kids and their parents about sharks and why we need to save them.
Amber Chia and Ashton at prize giving
On top of all these our local celebrity Amber Chia and her son Ashton graced our event as the prize presenter to the coloring contest winners. Their special appearance had brought many smiles and excitement too as many shoppers hung around to get a view or a photo. Amber was one of the 13 local celebrities who volunteered in our Shark PSA made in 2010. An advocate and supporter of our No shark fin campaign she had also expressed her view on saving sharks to the public while on stage during the prize giving ceremony. 

Kirk and Jenny at our tattoo booth
We had Voila, our long standing supporter with us again! They had sponsored our puppet stage and bunting. This time they have provided us with many beautiful prizes for the colouring contest, games time which we had before each puppet show and also for the Q&A session. The kids were excited to have them! 
We have received many good reports from kids and parents alike that they enjoyed the show, activities and the education. Very encouragingly many people came to tell us to keep up the good work and that they support our message. Many of the kids were amazed and wide-eyed after learning some new shark facts. We received feedback from a parent that her kids had brought what they learnt home and convinced their father to stop eating shark fin soup! My student, who came to the event, could not stop asking questions about sharks during our swimming class 4 days after the event! We are very happy that all our (and our fellow volunteers') hard work had paid off. Education and awareness is key to change.

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Sharks ! Happy New Year !

新的一年,新的开始!鲨鱼们, 准备好了吗? 今年 My Wedding Saves Sharks 被 Shark Saver Malaysia 领养了。虽然 Shark Saver Malaysia 还要一段时间被马来西亚政府承认,但是我们已经得到国际 Shark Saver 的认同了。就在 2011 年的尾声,圣诞季节,我们以Shark Saver Malaysia 的名义,在 1 Utama 举办了一个盛大的儿童节目。

New year, new beginning ! Sharkertians, are you ready?

In this prosperous new year, My Wedding Saves Sharks is adopted by Shark Saver Malaysia. Although Shark Saver Malaysia is pending approval from Malaysian government as a local non-profit organization which will normally take years, but we have been acknowledged and consented by the International Shark Saver.

During Christmas season, before wrapping up year 2011, on behalf of Shark Saver Malaysia, we hold a grand children's event in one of Malaysia largest shopping mall 1 Utama.

反应非常好,60位家人和孩子非常喜爱木偶表演和空中游泳的鲨鱼和 Nemo. 节目完毕后,家人们都觉得这是个非一般,很有趣以及有意义的儿童节目并且很期待参加下次同样的节目。


Parents and children alike were highly entertained by the puppet show and air swimmers featuring Nemo and Bruce of the famed animated movie 'Finding Nemo'. The parents felt that the event was unique, interesting, beneficial and fun for their kids and they were keen to participate in similar future events.

The 60 participants were actively engaged and excited by the program as many knew the Nemo characters well. They paid full attention to the puppet show and answered all the quiz questions easily. Everyone went away enlightened about the importance of marine conservation and sharks.

Event organized by : Voila Sdn. Bhd.

除此以外,My Wedding Saves Sharks 将会在这新的一年展开筹备已久的婚宴拯救鲨鱼的竞赛。请守着我们的 facebook, 非常期待!!

Beside our past successful events, in this new year, My Wedding Saves Sharks in collaboration with Shark Saver Malaysia will finally launch our Wedding Photo Contest that have been prepared for the longest time. Stay tune in our facebook group, anxiously looking forward to it !! 

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I Love SHark Fin Soup - Kirk Lee

by Kirk Keong Lee on Friday, 13 August 2010 at 04:39

Being a Chinese n Love good food,
I've always loved SFS (Shark Fin Soup).The only time i get to taste them is during Wedding Banquets. My tongue would feel happy when it come to second dish of the night "THE Shark Fin Soup" The strategy is - I would slurp up and be the first to finish the soup on the first serve so I can get a second serve :) . Normally this dish is served during Chinese wedding banquets and corporate dinners. There are those wealthier ones who would order this dish on a more regular basis at Chinese restaurants, but most people don't because it is pricey.

It never crossed my mind on how Shark Fins were obtained, harvested and at what rate was the killing. I continued with my craze without any guilt even though I was then a diver. Yah yah, they are already dead anyway and being Chinese, my mom always teaches us not to waste food... If i don’t eat it, someone else would, may as well I enjoy this great soup (perfect excuse)

Until 1 day, i came to watch a clip

It is about this Juvenile Whale Shark, my favorite fish and it is the biggest fish in the world what else i can say about this magnificent Gentle Giant roaming our ocean... 15 February 2010, Philippines, A group of Divers found this Shark, belly up, without fins... (Pectoral fins act like a steering wheel, and Dorsal fin as to balance the fish) the fish is alive, bleeding, suffering n dying... The group decided to bring the Fish up shore to shorten the pain and suffering. I was happily youtubing and came to this video footage on 23 March 2010. I stop and felt it... could not sleep, was up the whole morning thinking about it, 3 days later SOSFABOS ( Save Our Sharks From A Bowl Of Soup) was founded on Facebook...

Shark Finning is Cruel and Non-sustainable
The fish is alive when their fins are cut off, it’s just like cutting our arms and legs off while we’re alive and leaving us to die... without the Pectoral n Dorsal fins, the Shark can no longer swim and eventually dies.

What does Shark Fin taste like?
It’s basically just cartilage, tasteless and no proven medical value, what we like about the soup is actually chicken broth and a mix of other seafood. 
Is it safe to eat shark's fin soup during pregnancy?
NO,this dish is actually unhealthy and harmful, because sharks are heavily contaminated with mercury and other heavy metals. Mercury (which cannot be removed by cooking) could harm your baby's developing nervous system. International wildlife protection group WildAid has also warned that eating too much shark's fin can cause sterility in men.

Japan's Shark Fin Capital, Kesen-numa City 75tons of Sharks

Sharks are getting close to extinction but why are they not protected?
Sharks are not protected because people make so much money from killing them! Sharks fin soup is a status symbol and people spend heaps of money for it. Because sharks are on top of the food chain, nature has made sure there are never too many sharks. They become mature only very late in life (some only after 20 years) and they make very few young. That is also why they are so vulnerable to extinction. More than 73 million sharks are cruelly killed each year solely for SFS. They are very often fished out before they are old enough to breed, just to supply all the restaurants and shops with fins. But the biggest problem is this (very much symplified): Sharks being the top of the ocean's food chain, maintain the balance of the oceanic ecosystem, Without Sharks, the ecosystem will suffer an imbalance and will collapse, 70% of the world's oxygen comes from Phytoplankton in the ocean. Life on land depends on life underwater to thrive. Therefore, we must conserve sharks and let them be in peace roaming the waters in which they belong, not in our bowl...

Sharks extinction for your bowl of soup?
Shark Fin Soup should not equal Shark Extinction
You decide for the fate of Sharks, Phytoplankton and Our Ocean,

Rejecting Shark Fin Soup is not a waste because every time you consume, you are contributing to the cruelty n pushing Sharks into extinction...

Why Saving Shark Only?
I agree there is other animal are being harvest in cruelty and some pushing into extinction, people would jump to Saving Whale, Dolphin and Turtle, but Shark... Some may not aware in a few years time BlueFin Tuna will go extinct too...
I would love to save other animal too (including Human). It would not be enough even if i spent my entire remaining on this earth trying to save Sharks if self. 
A friend told me " if you have $20 in your hand to donate out and trying to save something, would you further brake the amount into 20 charity group n give $1 each to be fair? or it would be wise to focus on 1 or 2 charity group to be effectivel?"

Please join us, quit consuming Shark Fin Soup as Consuming equal Killing and Drive the trade that push Sharks into Extinction...

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1 thing leads to another…

A wonderful piece of write up by my comrade Mr. Kirk from www.facebook.com/SharkFinCrisis. When I asked for his permission to repost this, he just answered : "sure, go ahead, use it to save more sharks...." This has proven to me once again that my hard work have been paid off =)

On the 8 of January 2011, is the big day for my brother in law, it is his wedding. They had decided to have a small wedding gathering of 70 family n close friends. It is a western buffet without SFS… 
brother in law wedding 8/1/2011

I got my wife to approach her brother to display a Wedding Table Card for SFS Awareness, both my brother in law n his wife agreed to have the card display, we got the card prepared n with the help from Alicia from My Wedding Saved Sharks.      http://SaveShark.blogspot.com/

Thanks to my wife Jenny and Alicia Tan for supports n making this possible…

During the banquet, I managed to chat with someone who also pledged not to consume Shark Fin Soup due to Shark Fin Crisis n the best thing is one of my brother in law’s good friend is having his wedding banquet the following week on 15 January 2011 with 500 guests in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. I asked him if they were serving SFS? He replied “No”, then I said “Great” it is time to work n dig further… hehehe… He agreed to have the card up too…
On the same day 15 January 2011, my cousin also had his wedding banquet with 650 guests... At first it was hard to convince him as both he and his wife were not really into Shark’s Conservation but after some sharing they both agreed not to serve Shark Fin Soup at their wedding reception, great news. Later I ask them if they would like to have a Wedding Banquet Table card for awareness purposes n educating people about SFS. I had my first design, touching up on the wording, picture n size of the card… a few amendments but later I found out that both did not agree with the wording n text… I guess I m not being sensitive toward the couple, so being a cousin n not wanting to be pushy, I gave up on the SFS table card… (Sad n disappointment with myself for not succeeding in getting the card out…)

A day before my cousin’s wedding almost midnight as Chinese tradition family member would visit the groom’s place for family gathering; I took my last chance n approach him again. Less than 24hours notice, I ask him again telling him that I promise myself to do my part n do my best, not giving up n at the same time I do not want to be pushy n create uneasiness between myself n my cousin over this issue… I explained myself, he agreed to ask his future wife again in the morning… (I have little hope but when I got home I stay up late and worked on some final touches to the table card so should they give me the green light tomorrow I’m ready…)
In the morning of 15 January 2011, I texted my cousin hoping that he is not busy with the preparation for the wedding n he said “Ok, you can proceed with the printing n bring it over”. YES! it was almost noon, I was working full day but this is important, I got my wife to run the errand, great that she is so supportive of the cause, Love My wife…
The following day, I received a message from a member of Save Our Sharks From A Bowl Of Soup, asking me if I would design a simple wedding banquet card for his buddy’s coming wedding on 22 Jan 2011, wow this is great, 4 weddings without SFS n Wedding Table Cards for education purposes… just great!

Here ... how one thing leads to another… lesson learnt is “Never give up on the things you truly believe in…”

If you have relatives, friends, or your friend's friends getting married, please refer to us we have a few selection of cards available customize for newly wed banquet dinner.

Shark Bless…
Kirk Lee
Save Our Sharks From A Bowl Of Soup

I would not had done it without Alicia Tan from :
My Wedding Saves Sharks

Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The seeds started growing..

Since my wedding banquet card displayed, I get many good feedbacks and supports from friends and family. Girl friends of my age are also getting married one after another, most of them requested me to do a similar card for them too, and some I approach them myself to offer the service. I'm so thankful by far my success rate is maintaining above 80%.

My first "client", Christy's wedding. She held twice the dinner, one for the bride's family and friends and another for the groom's family and friends. She only manage to convince one side of the family to change menu and was objected strongly by another family. Hence, we won half the battle for 30 tables, 300 bowl of soup saved.

Christy & Johnson 22 June 2010.
A new design of 3 fold card that wrap a wine bottle around nicely.

My second client, Joe held a huge wedding banquet that he invited 990 guests at Sheraton Subang Hotel. Joe has decided earlier to not server sharks fin soup due to most of his guests had pledge not to consume sharks fin soup. He was later informed by his friend about my little project, and he immediately agreed to place a card there to spread the awareness. This was an easy battle, and won big 990 bowls of soup !

Notice the little triangular card in the middle of the table ? = ( too small... can't see from far ... but you can imagine the number of sharks we saved here ! ^_^ v
On the same day as Joe, Linus & Audrey's wedding banquet right next door Saujana Subang Hotel is displaying on the projector, a message of why no sharks fin soup was serve. 300 bowls saved.

And my booking list goes on and on until next year ... =)

1) 26 Feb,2010 - 370 bowls. My own wedding banquet at Super Tanker Kota Damansara.
2) 22 June,2010 - 300 bowls. Christy Tiong & Johnson's wedding banquet at Holiday Villa Subang.
3) 18 September, 2010 - 990 bowls. Joe & Yun's wedding at Sheraton Subang Hotel
4) 18 September, 2010 - 300 bowls. Linus & Audrey's wedding at Saujana Subang Hotel.
5) 25 September, 2010 - 500 bowls. Ken & Audrey in Ipoh.
6) 11 December,2010- 300 bowls. Foong Peng's wedding , no card display, but definitely no sharks fin serve.
7) 18 December, 2010- 500 bowls. Patrick and Rachel's wedding at Equatorial Cameron Highland.
8) 1st Jan, 2011 - 200 bowls. Indra's cousin bro's wedding
9) 2 January,2011 - 300 bowls. Karen Wong & Chin's wedding at Ritz Carlton KL
10) 8 January, 2011- Kirk's Bro in law wedding.
11) 15 January, 2011 - Soon Thoe & Remember
12) 16 January, 2011 - 600 bowls. Tracy & Daniel Wedding.
13) 23 January, 2011 - 300 bowls. Lim Yeong Chi & Ong Ming Yan.
14) 26 February, 2011 - 380 bowls. Kee Yau & Chin Yi's wedding.
15) 26 February, 2011 - 300 bowls. Adelene & Brian's wedding in Melaka.
16) 5 & 25 March, 2011 - 400 bowls. Annie Tan's wedding in Singapore and JB.
17) 19 March, 2011 - Mr. Augustine Lai & Ms.Phoebe Tan.
18) 30 April, 2011 - Lim Teck Yang & Tan Chia Chia.
19) 7 May, 2011 - Lee Soon Yean's wedding.
20) 19 June, 2011 - Ooi Kok & Harn Yun.
21) 24th June, 2011 - Eddie Tay & Menn Chin.
22) 10 September, 2011 - 300 bowls. Zoey & WT Ching at Tropicana Golf Club.
23) 18 December,2011 - 400 bowls. Adrianne chang & Teoh Kah Hoe at Jaya33, Oriental Pavillion.

..... And still counting....

The journey begin from here ...

My wedding was held last feb in a Chinese restaurant at Bukit Utama. Total of 355 chinese guests and i dun serve shark fin soup. Instead of sneakily get through the whole function without the guests noticing about the soup and start gossiping, I made a special thank you card to shout out to them about why i dun serve shark fin soup. 

Sounds easy.. but i actually went through obstacles of hell to get this card on the table. Reason being some of the elderly disagree with my shark fin educating action,they think its offensive.

It was heartbreaking, sore from inside out .. it was the first time i got scolded so badly, devastated... but then again, i wouldn't give up, i still believe ppl can change.. if not now , i hope later, better than never =) at the end i still manage to put the card on the tables in " MY WEDDING " dinner =P

From this experience i get to know that, why some ppl who's aware but can't do much nor show support.. the pressure and fear of being " executed "...

It isn't that bad , i assure you... its was a great break through for me , as they finally accept and understand me for who i am, not who i pretend i am..

To new couples getting married out there, i hope you will do the same education to your guests in your most creative ways.. and to shark lovers, please do not hesitate to baptize your other friends and getting married friends to be in the " Proactive group "Good Luck!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Modeling career of turtles in Redang Island

I was kind of upset by an online fren of mine. He jus came back from Redang Trip for snorkeling. Before his trip i hav actually lecture him abit of the conservation and awareness. Now he came back showing me a photo of this.

I was told that the beach boy or snorkel guides actually catch turtles to show the snorkelers. I really feel helpless and sad for the turtle at my first glance at this photo. Not long ago, another fren of mine, a scuba diving instructor also came to tell me about this scenario happening in Redang. It seem likes this is a norm for the snorkel guides to capture turtle to impress tourists. =(

Toking about harassment, label me as a drama queen or wat-so-ever i dun care..catching turtles or touching them without their permission or againts their will is consider harassment. Just like sex harassment. Put urself into this turtle's shoe, she's being harassted ! jus like u got ur butt touch n sqeeze by some strangersSS in the LRT ! Well, IF this baby turtle know Aikido, these bunch of snorkelers is gonna get their ass kick already

Was there any regulation to protect the turtles from being harass ? were the beach boys being educate about the conservation ? if you say, "oh well, wat can u do ... they hav to secure their few hundred ringgit job by impressing the customers mah.. " then u're totally wrong... this unwise act eventually will cost them their job and their future as well as DEMOLISHING Redang Tourism in the NEAR future. Yes, i'm serious !

Remember this place in Malaysia call Rantau Abang ?? Remember this ancient marine reptile and the largest turtle in the world name Giant Leatherback turtles ?? Unless we wants to see Redang turn out to become Rantau Abang today ..else.. keep ur hand , feet , sunblock lotion , oily food waste, plastic bags away from this vulnerable ancient creatures !!!

Well, funny part is that excuse given to me for letting his frens commit this crime is " Can't blame them la, they jus wan to take a picture with the turtle... " ironic ....... Wat say u ?

I'm sad , not bcos of my fren's frens wrong doing nor blaming it on them. i'm yelling not bcos i'm mad at the beach boys... i'm actually hating myself for not being able to make a change even i've put in efforts to warn my fren. ..

I really feel so .... helpless whenever i recall this.. sigh...