Tuesday, February 22, 2011

1 thing leads to another…

A wonderful piece of write up by my comrade Mr. Kirk from www.facebook.com/SharkFinCrisis. When I asked for his permission to repost this, he just answered : "sure, go ahead, use it to save more sharks...." This has proven to me once again that my hard work have been paid off =)

On the 8 of January 2011, is the big day for my brother in law, it is his wedding. They had decided to have a small wedding gathering of 70 family n close friends. It is a western buffet without SFS… 
brother in law wedding 8/1/2011

I got my wife to approach her brother to display a Wedding Table Card for SFS Awareness, both my brother in law n his wife agreed to have the card display, we got the card prepared n with the help from Alicia from My Wedding Saved Sharks.      http://SaveShark.blogspot.com/

Thanks to my wife Jenny and Alicia Tan for supports n making this possible…

During the banquet, I managed to chat with someone who also pledged not to consume Shark Fin Soup due to Shark Fin Crisis n the best thing is one of my brother in law’s good friend is having his wedding banquet the following week on 15 January 2011 with 500 guests in Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia. I asked him if they were serving SFS? He replied “No”, then I said “Great” it is time to work n dig further… hehehe… He agreed to have the card up too…
On the same day 15 January 2011, my cousin also had his wedding banquet with 650 guests... At first it was hard to convince him as both he and his wife were not really into Shark’s Conservation but after some sharing they both agreed not to serve Shark Fin Soup at their wedding reception, great news. Later I ask them if they would like to have a Wedding Banquet Table card for awareness purposes n educating people about SFS. I had my first design, touching up on the wording, picture n size of the card… a few amendments but later I found out that both did not agree with the wording n text… I guess I m not being sensitive toward the couple, so being a cousin n not wanting to be pushy, I gave up on the SFS table card… (Sad n disappointment with myself for not succeeding in getting the card out…)

A day before my cousin’s wedding almost midnight as Chinese tradition family member would visit the groom’s place for family gathering; I took my last chance n approach him again. Less than 24hours notice, I ask him again telling him that I promise myself to do my part n do my best, not giving up n at the same time I do not want to be pushy n create uneasiness between myself n my cousin over this issue… I explained myself, he agreed to ask his future wife again in the morning… (I have little hope but when I got home I stay up late and worked on some final touches to the table card so should they give me the green light tomorrow I’m ready…)
In the morning of 15 January 2011, I texted my cousin hoping that he is not busy with the preparation for the wedding n he said “Ok, you can proceed with the printing n bring it over”. YES! it was almost noon, I was working full day but this is important, I got my wife to run the errand, great that she is so supportive of the cause, Love My wife…
The following day, I received a message from a member of Save Our Sharks From A Bowl Of Soup, asking me if I would design a simple wedding banquet card for his buddy’s coming wedding on 22 Jan 2011, wow this is great, 4 weddings without SFS n Wedding Table Cards for education purposes… just great!

Here ... how one thing leads to another… lesson learnt is “Never give up on the things you truly believe in…”

If you have relatives, friends, or your friend's friends getting married, please refer to us we have a few selection of cards available customize for newly wed banquet dinner.

Shark Bless…
Kirk Lee
Save Our Sharks From A Bowl Of Soup

I would not had done it without Alicia Tan from :
My Wedding Saves Sharks

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