Wednesday, December 29, 2010

The journey begin from here ...

My wedding was held last feb in a Chinese restaurant at Bukit Utama. Total of 355 chinese guests and i dun serve shark fin soup. Instead of sneakily get through the whole function without the guests noticing about the soup and start gossiping, I made a special thank you card to shout out to them about why i dun serve shark fin soup. 

Sounds easy.. but i actually went through obstacles of hell to get this card on the table. Reason being some of the elderly disagree with my shark fin educating action,they think its offensive.

It was heartbreaking, sore from inside out .. it was the first time i got scolded so badly, devastated... but then again, i wouldn't give up, i still believe ppl can change.. if not now , i hope later, better than never =) at the end i still manage to put the card on the tables in " MY WEDDING " dinner =P

From this experience i get to know that, why some ppl who's aware but can't do much nor show support.. the pressure and fear of being " executed "...

It isn't that bad , i assure you... its was a great break through for me , as they finally accept and understand me for who i am, not who i pretend i am..

To new couples getting married out there, i hope you will do the same education to your guests in your most creative ways.. and to shark lovers, please do not hesitate to baptize your other friends and getting married friends to be in the " Proactive group "Good Luck!

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